Leave With Haste Gowns

by Sweet Williams

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Four made up songs recorded on location as they happened. Nothing here will feature on the imminent LP "Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight"


released June 20, 2016

Taped in different ways on different days, 2014-15
Mastered by Chris Blakey



all rights reserved
Track Name: The King In Salute
the king in salute is put up do what he must or the opposite slumber there in the hold this will be set in the round for several voices with gruesome creatures
Track Name: Memorial To Victory Lounge
drunk as a saint pay out in control put up in the shade of your steep company steer over me and lucy play in time for one leave with haste gowns necessarily suspended in the dress circle brought home and exhausted with good and bad actors
Track Name: Steepening Land
saddle stitch crackling hips rule with the bell dress you for one eye to sleep a grand seems steep wade into the dogs dusty flippers shark suit
Track Name: Very Long Division
at your cursed furious beak burn your sicknote without breathing run directly to the well get designed i summon with a word your only daughter in a dive bell handle her as nitrogen you are spent on breaking in